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             Two-way Radios  &  Computers            New & Used

              Any Radio related questions  CALL  ME,  Paul   334-875-4805



          HYTERA  & BAOFENG

  *Radios: Commercial/Marine/Aviation/CB-

                     1. Mobiles      Commercial,    Marine,    Air band,     SSB   &  Satellite Comm

                         2. Portables     Commercial,   Marine,    Air band,  &  Satellite Comm

                          3. Repeaters

                              4. Base Stations   

                                         5. Pagers      Motorola    &   SCA   

                                      6. Power Supplies, Watt Meters,  and surge protectors 

                                                                                       7. Antennas: Base, repeater, mobile, and portables 

                                                          8. Batteries:   portables all  makes


                             *Repeater Site Maintenance -- Call for current rates

              *Repeater Service  -- Two  UHF  repeaters in  Selma  Alabama  Area  

                                                             Base  to  truck    &      truck to truck    communications  at  a  low  monthly  charge.

                   RADIO  DATA sheets -- Land Mobile                          RADIO DATA sheets -- Marine

                    * Computers --  Office and  Home                     used  COMPUTERS,  starting at $40


                   We Accept              or    

                     Equipment prices subject to change at any time, without notice!


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