ICOM              M45       Marine  Base  Radio

        DELCOM INDUSTRIES                         Sales phone:    334  872-2024

        The RADIO MAN  has the best prices in the SOUTH                  FAX  only:    334  875-5220

       This radio is no longer in production,      accessories available only

                                       see ICOM  M412  for replacement radio

          PDF  manual available,  email me for copy of  ICOM  M45  operator's manual

                                   Thats the RADIO MAN'S  super service!


Other ICOM   marine  radios  available:

ICOM   M24                   ICOM   M36                   ICOM  M72            ICOM    M88      

ICOM  M504,                 ICOM  M604                  ICOM   M802    

ICOM  MXA-5000         ICOM   GM-1600



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